Membership can enhance personal and professional growth by providing opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration within a supportive community. 

We prioritize character. We do not discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status, or profession. We will only accept members that embody our values and demonstrate an ability to contribute to the Club Amie community. 

Our Members

The Club Amie Community

Intimate Dinners

Club Amie believes breaking down barriers creates meaningful relationships. Dine together with a hand-selected guest list at a themed dinner every  month. Rest assured knowing you are breaking bread with a selective network of women leaders.

Meetups & Curated Events

Join a community of women who share your values. Beyond monthly dinners, Club Amie curates a calendar of professional and social events to facilitate friendships. Events extend across disciplines and industries, and offer friendship wherever you go.


Seasoned and accomplished female mentors provide guidance, knowledge, and advice to members seeking to advance in their personal and professional lives. Mentors share their insights, experiences, and expertise, helping mentees set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, and develop the skills and confidence needed to excel in their chosen paths.

Interest Groups

Club Amie offers an opportunity for each member to follow their passions, through interest groups  organized around passions, hobbies, or professional pursuits. Members can join thought leaders, attend events, and offer their own webinars on entrepreneurship, art, wellness, technology, literature or any other field.


How We Work With You

Connect to a network of leading women. Build a personal board of advisors. Unlock access to prominent business experts and programming. Grow as a leader.

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